Our Services

We offer a wide range of services and hours covered. Care calls can be provided from a minimum of 15 minutes in duration up to a complete care package requiring 24-hour care. We have a vast experience of working with people with support needs in a community setting, assessing their needs and developing support plans. You will receive a full assessment of your needs and a care plan based on your individual needs will be developed. This information will be kept in your personalised Care Record pack, which you will keep at your home. This pack will include your personal and medical information, preferred attendance times and call duration, and tasks to be carried out with you or on your behalf. This is to ensure that all care staff, and you and your family are aware of the care being provided for you. Procedures are clearly documented and audited, and relevant notes made on every visit by the care staff member. This ensures that your needs and preferences are regularly monitored and reviewed. In 2011 we will also be implementing a non-intrusive electronic monitoring system, which will allow us to provide you with an even more efficient service and will allow us to receive and provide information extremely quickly for our carers and our clients.

Personal Care
We can help you with getting washed or having a bath, getting dressed, and with all other aspects of personal hygiene. We can help with preparation of meals, whether heating ready meals or preparing fresh food.


Palliative Care
We have carers who are highly experienced in the provision of palliative care, who will work closely with all other professionals such as District Nurses and MacMillan Nurses to ensure that everything is done to make you as comfortable as possible and that your family and main carers getting the support they require.

We can provide rehabilitative services for you following a hospital stay when you may need help getting back on your feet.

Respite and Sitting Service
We can provide respite or sitting services, day or night to allow the main carer to have some time to themselves, to work or to sleep. We can provide you with the care that your main carer would provide you with, so your routine can continue as normal and they can have a break


Shopping and Bill Paying
If you are concerned about a vulnerable person having enough food in their fridge, or perhaps you just find it difficult to get out to do your regular food shopping, then let us do this for you. We can also manage your household bills to ensure they are paid on time.

Medication Assistance Calls
If you need to ensure medication is taken appropriately then we can visit to assist, making sure the correct medications are taken and at the right time. This can be part of a care package or we can visit solely for this purpose.


Prescription & Medication Collection
In addition to the above we can arrange to collect your prescriptions and/or medications and deliver them to yourself or, if you are acting on behalf of a vulnerable person, to the person they are prescribed for.

Outreach (Going out)
The term 'Outreach' applies to being able to get out of your home and into the wider community in order to enjoy some social activity. The outreach support we are able to provide includes escorting on shopping trips where you require assistance, or undertaking errands such as collecting your pension or going to the bank. We can also take you on trips to a venue of your choice such as to the garden centre for a cup of tea, a walk in the park, or if you’re feeling active, a visit to the local swimming pool. You decide where you want to go and your outreach carer will arrange this with you.

24 Hour Care / Night Care
Night care can be provided as part of a 24-hour care package or solely to cover nighttime care. We can provide waking or sleeping nights, including as much or as little hands on care as you need. Sleeping night duties are for those who just require a responsible individual to be available during the night to ensure safety. Waking night duties are for those people who require care support on a number of occasions during the night. If required you could have a dedicated 24 hour care staff team who will encompass all of our services into their role, there for you 24 hours a day should you need help with anything.

Late Service Until 12am
From listening to our existing service users we have identified a need for care at a later time in the day for those people who need some help getting ready for bed, but would like more control over the time they retire. We have therefore extended our evening care right up until 12 midnight.


Household Tasks
We can also include light house hold duties within your care package, giving you a helping hand at making your bed, washing up or vacuuming, and assisting you to maintain a tidy home for your comfort.

Laundry Service
We have our own laundry facilities on site and our carers can arrange for your laundry to be collected, washed and dried and returned to you. We will even help you put it away.

Direct Payments
We have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the needs of older people, people with physical disabilities, adults with learning disabilities, brain injury, dementia or mental health needs, with proven experience of managing clients personal budgets. If the London Borough of Hillingdon funds your care, you will have the choice of changing to the Direct Payment Scheme which allows you to source your own carer or care agency to provide your care, giving more flexibility as to how your care is provided. We are aware that filling out forms can be quite daunting, so we are happy to assist you in completing and submitting the forms. For more information on Direct Payments please click here.



  • Personal Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Respite and Sitting Service
  • Shopping and Bill Paying
  • Medication Assistance
  • Prescription Collections
  • Outreach
  • 24 Hour Care
  • Late Service until 12am
  • Household Tasks
  • Laundry Service
  • Direct Payments

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